For parents and teachers, there is nothing more amazing than watching a child learn to read, do long division, or go out of their way to show kindness to a friend without being prompted. The elementary years are a time of maturing in many, many ways. From academic progress to social and spiritual maturity, our elementary faculty nurtures students through each stage of the learning process.

Ultimately, Unity’s goal is to partner with Christian parents to prepare their children to impact the world for Jesus Christ by pursuing their God-given potential in academics, leadership, and service.

Unity’s curriculum focuses on educating the whole child. Students are instructed in reading, mathematics, science, social studies, Bible, art, drama, music, physical education, STEM, and Spanish. Throughout each class, students are reminded that they are made with purpose by a God who loves them.


Maturing students develop their understanding of faith and the world by engaging ideas that have shaped cultures and societies.


Fundamentals of faith and learning are presented by warm, caring teachers in a fun, active environment.


Inquisitive minds are challenged through hands-on discovery in small communities of learners.

Partnering with Parents

It may seem like a distant reality to think of your elementary student reading Faulkner or Twain, or writing papers about physics or theology. Trust us, we know! Through our halls walk young adults who were once in our elementary classrooms learning to tie their shoes and write in complete sentences – and we’ve had the privilege of watching them grow from curious, inquisitive kids to wise, articulate leaders. To see the value of your investment, all you need to do is listen to our seniors talk about the whole of their Unity experience.

Unfaltering curiosity.
Unlimited potential.
Unwavering faith.