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Throughout Scripture, we see evidence of God’s creativity and use of artistry to effectively communicate the greatest story ever told. We see His love for music and song in worship and celebration. We see His heart and learn lessons of discipleship in poetry and parables. And, when we look up from our study of the Scriptures, we can see His majesty all around us in the artistry of the world that surrounds us.

God is the ultimate artist. He is our example, and the reason we devote ourselves to the development and expression of the creative gifts He bestowed upon us. At Unity, we are committed to assisting our students in identifying their areas of giftedness in the arts, developing an appreciation for different forms of artistic expression, and recognizing how they can daily see and acknowledge the artistry of God in their daily lives.

Students have the opportunity to participate in the Visual Arts program beginning in Kindergarten through 12th grade. In Elementary School, visual art is part of the curriculum as a weekly class. In Middle School, students can take semester-long art courses. In High School, UCS offers a studio art class and a graphic arts class.

Students at all grade levels attend music each week. PreK through First grade students learn general music through singing, playing instruments, and movement. Second through fifth grade students begin fundamentals of choral singing along with further study of music theory and instrumental training. Middle School students rotate among choral music, technology, drama, and visual arts electives, and high school students choose among visual arts, graphic arts, drama, and musical theatre for their elective opportunities.


Commitment to excellence in academics is one of the four pillars of a Unity Christian School education. From the youngest PreK3 students to graduating seniors, we strive to enable students of every academic skill level to reach their God-given potential for impacting the world for Jesus Christ. Whether it be a need for extra assistance, encouragement, or challenge, we place a high priority on providing the necessary resources and environments that promote learning and propel students toward positive achievement.


To prepare our students to serve Christ in this competitive, global world of the 21st century, we are deeply committed to both effectiveness and relevance in curriculum and learning technologies. Our academic program is comprehensive, college preparatory, and taught within a Christian framework. Beginning in kindergarten, our academic program is designed to lay a solid academic, intellectual, and spiritual foundation for our students.


Our students are difference-makers with the ability to see the world according to God’s purposes and act according to His instructions. They are prepared to be excellent communicators, to think critically, to collaborate with others, to develop creative solutions to problems, to succeed in college or in their career, and to defend their faith.


Fundamentals of faith and learning are presented by warm, caring teachers in a fun, active environment.


Inquisitive minds are challenged through hands-on discovery in small communities of learners.


Maturing students develop their understanding of faith and the world by engaging ideas that have shaped cultures and societies.

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