Kids have a million questions: Why is the sky blue? Why do I have to eat broccoli? Who made everything? Like little sponges, preschoolers’ brains are designed to ask questions and absorb information. At Unity, we know that every question and answer helps them form an understanding of the world and their place in it.

That’s why Christian education is important. Even at a young age, kids begin to form a story of why things exist and why we’re all here. Unity’s preschool lays the foundation for their whole life of faith and learning.

Unity’s curriculum focuses on educating the whole child. We provide early literacy and numeracy instruction, as well as physical education, art, music, Spanish, and sign language for our littlest students. Throughout each class, students are reminded that they are made with a purpose by a God who loves them.


Inquisitive minds are challenged through hands-on discovery in small communities of learners.


Maturing students develop their understanding of faith and the world by engaging ideas that have shaped cultures and societies.


Fundamentals of faith and learning are presented by warm, caring teachers in a fun, active environment.

Partnering with Parents

It may seem silly to think about your little one excelling in calculus, or writing a paper about the doctrine of the Trinity. Trust us, we know! Through our halls walk young adults who were once in our preschool classrooms – and we’ve had the privilege of watching them grow from wiggly, active toddlers to wise, articulate leaders. To see the value of your investment, all you need to do is listen to our seniors talk about the whole of their Unity experience.

Unfaltering curiosity.
Unlimited potential.
Unwavering faith.