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Love God. Love students. Love families. Love the world.

The goal of a Unity education is to partner with parents as we seek to disciple students through academics, arts, athletics, and service opportunities. We walk with students and families through their time at Unity, instilling a Biblical worldview as we teach them to love God and understand their place in the world he has created.

We often use the term “Biblical worldview” when we’re talking about the goal of a Unity education, so it’s important to know exactly what that term means. A worldview simply means the sum total of a person’s beliefs about man, God, the world, and truth. It’s the lens through which we see everything. 
We’re united in this partnership with parents by a shared mission and by shared values. Here are a few ways to see this partnership in action.

            • Philosophy of education >> 
            • Summer mission trips
            • Bible curriculum scope and sequence
            • Weekly chapels
            • Small groups for secondary students
            • Service projects

These are just a few ways that we are teaching our students to love God, love one another, and love the world well. For more information, schedule a tour today.


Fundamentals of faith and learning are presented by warm, caring teachers in a fun, active environment.


Inquisitive minds are challenged through hands-on discovery in small communities of learners.


Maturing students develop their understanding of faith and the world by engaging ideas that have shaped cultures and societies.

Partnering with Parents

When you’re at Unity, you’re family.

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