The Unity Christian Preschool is intentionally designed to facilitate learning and provide a lasting educational and biblical foundation for each student. It is our desire to develop the whole child, focusing specifically on the needs of 3 and 4 year old children: physical and motor development, social and emotional development, language development and phonological awareness, and cognitive development.


The Abeka Bible Curriculum is used and focuses on one Old or New Testament Bible story per week. The students learn a memory verse that goes along with the weekly story, sing songs, and create Bible themed artwork. Bible is incorporated into all subject areas, especially science, and social studies. 


The Abeka Phonics/Reading curriculum is used, which focuses on letter recognition, letter sounds, blends, and building simple words. One letter of the alphabet is focused on each week, until the entire alphabet is covered. Art projects and activities focus on that letter. For PK4, during the second half of the school year, students continue learning phonics and start reading aloud in “reading groups.” Sight word memorization also takes place throughout the year.


Handwriting is a crucial part of the Preschool curriculum! The handwriting curriculum, Handwriting Without Tears, teaches basic handwriting fundamentals, such as proper pencil grip and letter/number formation, and encourages the development of strong fine- motor skills. Students are given lots of opportunities to develop their fine-motor skills daily through the use of play-doh and learning centers which allow for cutting, coloring, buttoning, lacing, etc.


McGraw-Hill My Math curriculum is used for Preschool Math. Our focus is on number recognition, counting, shapes, colors, sorting/classifying, position words, patterning, measurement, data/graphs, basic addition and subtraction, and problem solving. These concepts are taught through calendar time, literature, music, and hands-on math exploration, where a number of fun manipulatives are used to introduce and reinforce concepts.

Science & Social Studies

Science and social studies themes are the highlight of the Preschool academic week! Fun weekly themes, such as The Delicious Apple, Our 5 Senses, and Community Helpers, are easily incorporated into all areas of study, and emphasize God’s wonderful creation, and His plan for order and community among His people


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Fundamentals of faith and learning are presented by warm, caring teachers in a fun, active environment.


Inquisitive minds are challenged through hands-on discovery in small communities of learners.


Maturing students develop their understanding of faith and the world by engaging ideas that have shaped cultures and societies.

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